Bruno Crivelli founded Crivelli in the 1970’s. He intended to transcend his vast craftsmanship and experience to company that we know today as Crivelli gioielli. The concept idea, the high quality handicraft, the preciousness of stones and fine metals, original setting all composed with a high level of creativity is Crivelli. This rigour choice is continuosly being rewarded with a success.

This has consented the company to become one of the most esteemed on the Italian and international scenes. Crivelli produces jewellery in limited editions as well as unique pieces of extraordinary high quality. Underlining the refined elegance as a characteristic of the jewellery.

Crivelli revises the classical style in its own manifold multicoloured way. Today Crivelli has become synonymous of richness: chromatic combinations of precious stones, surfaces covered in refined enrichments, sparkling twinkles that embellishes the hidden spaces with incredible textures.

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