Italian style expressed through a perfect balance of elegance, luxury and design Creativity, cratfmanship and originality are the elements deeply embedded in the Damiani jewelry DNA, symbolizing the passion for fine jewelry passed from father to son for three generations. All jewels, entirely handmade with the highest level of care for details, are absolute masterpieces of the goldsmith’s art, an expression of long lasting tradition with a strong focus on jewelry design that have forever characterized Damiani jewelry’s exclusive and exquisite collections.

All Damiani collection jewels are exclusive and unique creations, combining the allure of Italian jewelry with the unmistakable, always modern and fashionable Damiani taste. From gold rings to elegant diamond solitaires, to gemstones jewelry and ageless watches, the Damiani jewelry universe is always capable of granting unforgettable emotions. Preciousness and luxury in all the most elegant interpretations All Damiani jewelry creations express the quality of entirely Italian made sublimely crafted products that have made the jewelry masters ambassadors of Italian Style and craftsmanship across the world since 1924. The savoir-faire that is a feature of Damiani jewelry, based on the quality of gems, and the unique and refined design, have become a strong point and recognition for the brand at worldwide level. In particular, the world of Damiani jewelry finds its best expression in the creation of sublime shapes of goldsmith’s excellence with: TRADITION The maximum expression of Italian style: the district of Valenza, the heart of Italian jewelry tradition, continues to have very strong bonds with the company. Master goldsmiths and artisans, holders of invaluable expertise, enhance the quality of every single piece, transmitting emotion, history and passion since 1924. QUALITY AND SAVOIR FAIRE Strong point and distinction, built on the quality of gems, the perfection and precision of the craftsmanship recognizable across the globe.

Handcrafting, painstaking care of details, creation and study of the design, first-rate materials: resulting in great masterpieces of the goldsmith’s art. DESIGN Design of the highest level, taste and masterly techniques create unmistakably unique jewelry, examples of aesthetic perfection, beauty and harmony. Some are true masterpieces of master goldsmith expertise at the highest level: the Damiani Masterpieces have attained numerous awards and acknowledgements over the years, in particular, the Diamonds International Awards, the World Jewelry Oscars, rewarding the best design and best diamond jewelry creations. Damiani is the only International brand to have won 18, an unequalled record.


All Damiani suppliers are part of a very restricted circle of selected organizations respecting UN regulations on the certification and origin of diamonds. Compliance with the Kimberly Process involves the highest degree of attention to legitimate sources not involved in funding conflicts, responding to conditions that respect and promote ethics for labour and the market but people first and foremost, fundamental values for Damiani.


Damiani maintains its family business DNA, headed today by the third generation: Guido, Giorgio and Silvia Grassi Damiani, the founder’s grandchildren. A company that is 100% Italian and has maintained its independence and philosophy focusing on “Italianism” and the goldsmith’s tradition.


A successful combination between the excellent craftsmanship that is part of the Damiani tradition, and innovation: Company roots deeply grounded in the Valenza jewelry district combined with the pioneering spirit of forward-looking people.


Exclusive, even unique jewels: with the collections, Damiani creates Limited Edition and unique masterpieces, occasionally also created or customized on customer request.


Every Damiani jewel is a treasure, to be passed on from generation to generation: an unbreakable link between past and future, a wealth of emotions and much more bringing forth the company’s values, unchanged over three generations. Damiani: authenticity is stronger than time.


Damiani jewelry features the excellent quality acknowledged worldwide and distinguishable for the sublime shapes, the quality of gems, the excellence of craftsmanship and the timeless elegance that it bestows on those wearing these pieces. Each jewel comes to life through the commendable craftsmanship ability and the endless passion of master goldsmiths, enclosing within all the artistic value of the best Italian jewelry tradition. Over the years the Damiani Group received many prestigious Italian and International acknowledgements and is still the unmatched record holder of 18 Diamonds International Awards. The first Diamonds International Award attributed to a Damiani creation was in 1976, the year in which the award was assigned for the design of the jewel “Bocca di Squalo – Shark Mouth”: a bracelet of inestimable value in platinum and yellow gold entirely brightened by a pavè of white and jonquille diamonds, designed by Gabriella Damiani. From 1976, 18 Damiani creations have been awarded for the very high quality and refined craftsmanship and incomparable finish: collier, bracelets, rings and earrings by Damiani with a unique design, stemmed from the passion and high-end jewelry tradition of which Damiani represents one of the highest expressions.

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