Fibula Jewelry was established in 1968 as a partnership and transformed to a Limited company in 1995, that which was the first step to being a corporation and became INC. (SA) by 2007.

With its buildup of 40 years; productive, trustworty and innovative structure, Fibula always cares to constitute quality differences in daily trends, by providng unique designs for the domestic and export markets.

Fibula continues to be a pioneer with unique cultural jewelry collections and trendy jewelry. The superb quality and success of Fibula in the jewelry sector can as well be observed in the design and production of mountings. Fibula Jewelry run after innovative trendy designs to seize the everlasting elegance. The contemporary vision of the young, dynamic, well experienced design team, combines with the vast abilities and care of the craftsmen and ransforms to Fibula products.

Fibula Jewelry is the pioneer name of a dazzling world, in which gold and gem is transformed into jewelry and reach us with the quality, philosophy in each and every step of the production. Fibula Jewelry collections observe the past, today and future of the world and the man to produce jewelry that seemly suits this world and man. Our Vision To establish a, Reliable.. Dissimilar.. Genuine.. Reformist and qualified corporation..

Sensitive to the values of man and civilization.. Our Mission To become a world Corporation, That carry the cultural values to the future Closely observe the contemporary tastes and trends.. Achieve full customer satisfication in jewelry design, production and marketing

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