Carlo Crocco in 1980 created a brand, what came to be known as Hublot. The watch ever since its inception has become a source of inspiration for other watch makers and has also become immensely popular all over the world. The creator of the brand, Carlo Crocco grew up in a family of Italian watchmakers and perhaps this defines his passion for watches. He designed his first watch in 1967.

The seeds for inception of Hublot were laid in 1980 when Carlo Crocco established his company by the name of MDM Geneva. Hublot is special in the sense that it has been designed in such a manner so that it gives a sports look, all the while maintaining the elegance and look of a traditional watch. Another special feature about Hublot is that while Carlo Crocco avoided falling into any trap of following a particular trend, yet he managed to create an elegant sporting watch. In mid 90’s rubber emerged as the favorite material for watch makers and Carlo Crocco was quick to take a note of the same. It took the research team at Hublot around three years to design and come up with a bracelet that highlighted the natural properties of rubber and the research team was able to come up with a perfect design that got appreciation from various quarters across the world.

It goes to the credit of Hublot that the use of natural rubber got popularized and many watch makers followed suit when it came for designing bracelets made from natural rubber. The limited series collection from the house of Hublot is perhaps their most popular creation. The limited series collection is available in a range of dials including chased enamel. The outstanding craftsman spirit is clearly visible and each watch is designed with perfect precision making it a desirable piece. It is interesting to note here that as Carlo Crocco was mostly busy in charitable work for his foundation that he formed for caring of unprivileged children, he decided to bring in Jean Claude Biver to lead his team. Jean Claude Biver has left his mark in watch making with his experience in Swiss watch industry and he aptly reflected the same in Hublot.

Eventually, Jean Claude Biver was made the CEO of Hublot in 2003. Biver continued to bring innovation to Hublot and was instrumental in launching of Fusion brand, a premium product from the house of Hublot. Fusion was born with the combination of rare material as gold titanium and ceramics, not to forget the all important natural rubber that forms the essence of all Hublot watches. Popular models Since its inception, Hublot has created a range of popular models that inspired people, all the world over. Popular among the Hublot series of watches are its classic range, the Big Bang 41 mm, the Big Bang 44 mm, the Bigger Bang 44 mm and Big Bang King series. While some base models can be had at a price range of over $ 5000, prices for some other are at the higher end and can be had on request from Hublot. What began as a passion for Carlo Crocco in 1980 has evolved into a brand that has gained popularity, the world over.

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