When unique personalities harness groundbreaking technologies, the impossible becomes possible, and utopia becomes reality. Gravity is conquered, liquid mastered, and design revered. Discover the forces and faces behind the world’s first Hydro-Mechanical piece of Fine Watchmaking..

Meet the ultimate alchemists, the Fab 6, who have suceeded in the incredible challenge of telling the time with water for the first time since the pharaohs.

A jet-set of Hydro-Mechanical watchmakers, pioneering a modern legend and making and breaking the rules as the helm of the HYT innovation incubator.

In 2002, Lucien Vouillamoz is raving to his friends about the idea of designing a water watch. The problem lies in how to replace the gravitational energy used in clepsydras within a wearable, water-resistant wristwatch. The utopic idea can’t go further without a technical solution. Several years after, the concept is still nagging Lucien Vouillamoz, who decides to reconsider it from a different angle. As former nuclear engineer with a degree in thermodynamics his research led to a completely new idea – involving the use of two flexible reservoirs attached to each end of the same capillary. The questions of energy and congestion are solved in one go.

It’s time to protect the simple but powerful idea. Lucien Vouillamoz evaluates the potential and calls his friend Patrick Berdoz, a highly experienced serial entrepreneur, who then contacts Emmanuel Savioz, a specialist in the domain, raising the funds required to finance the first prototype.

Following a year of R&D, a first prototype is conceived. The time is accurately indicated, the concept is demonstrated and the patents registered. In 2010, a key meeting takes place composed of an explosive encounter! Vincent Perriard, one of the well-known and most dynamic personalities of the Nouvelle Horologerie scene,

was dreaming of expanding his own fluidic endeavors and Lucien Vouillamoz the person who can provide the key to this dream: the technology! The project can take off. The HYT industrial set up takes shape, Jean-François Mojon and his team at Chronode develop the movement for the future H1. Meanwhile, CEO and HYT partner Vincent Perriard entrusts the design of the future H1 to the Etude de Style design lab The orchestra is in place. Chronode designs and manufactures the movements, while HYT’s sister company Preciflex, led by Lucien Vouillamoz, supplies the liquid components. The alchemy between these two unlikely worlds gave birth to the H1.

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