SevenFriday challenges traditional watchmaking with its bold and colourful designs, inspired by industrial revolution. Superbly packaged and surprisingly affordable, SevenFriday watches offer a slice of haute horology usually reserved for brands costing much, much more. Every SevenFriday watch comes with a full manufacturer’s warranty.

Industries in a modern era are mostly governed by a set of norms, horology including. But every once in a while, someone has to rattle these norms for it to progress. Most of the time, such individuals are labeled as crazy. But crazy can also be a good thing, and in the words of Tony Mendez from the film Argo, “sometimes a plan can be so crazy, it might just work”. Enter Seven Friday, an upstart brand based in Zürich that seems to be getting a lot of press lately because of its unique eye-catching designed timepieces.

As of this writing, the brand had already made three different timepieces that are mostly inspired from industrial aesthetics of the modern world.  took off one Friday to visit the country’s first dealer of the said brand, to look at their collection of timepieces and also to get to know more about the brand itself.

The Seven Friday Moniker: Before we proceed to looking at the timepieces being offered, let us first answer the most frequently asked question when it comes to this new brand. So why Seven Friday…? When it comes to timepieces, the number seven is easily deduced to be a sign for the number of days there are in a week. But the addition of a specific day – Friday, seems to confuse most folks new to the brand.

In most countries, a five day work week would mean that Friday is a sign of relief, or a cause for celebration. Leading to the popular phrase “thank god it’s Friday (TGIF)”. By simply not dwelling too much on the past and worry too much about the future, the Seven Friday philosophy is fulfilled. That is to live each day to the fullest, and that living each day as if it’s Friday is what the brand envision for everyone. The underlying meaning of the Seven Friday brand can easily be explained by two simple words, and that is “carpe diem”, or in other words to simply seize the day!

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