The real soul of TalentoItaliano is its designer, founder and owner Antonio Sartori. He is an Italian architect born in Milano with a long family history in jewels world and an innate passion for them. His taste and unmistakable Italian style permeate the whole Company, its collections, its image and its attitude and success.

Antonio Sartori founded Talento Italiano in 1994. In its first years the growth has been outstanding, thanks to the wonderful design and the strong impact of his designer creations. Talento is a young company, full of energy, ideas and passion, gaining its place among the most important jewellery brands representing Made in Italy all over the world. The creative philosophy of Antonio Sartori is based on his patient work of research of simplicity, on the development of the structural and esthetical qualities of the materials with a careful look at the continuous evolution of the habits and the taste of society.

For Antonio Sartori a jewel does not come simply from an aesthetical experience, but it is also a model of functional beauty. Forms that fit on the body and come to be part of it, expressing moods and sensations of the woman who wears them. Antonio Sartori’s inspiration is taken from nature, from a deep culture of Italian Arts, from the deepest emotions of a passionate man. Every Talento jewel results from an artistic intuition, from a sensation, from the attention to a detail, that is expressed in a drawing at first and takes concrete shapes at last. Talento “means” contemporary jewels, jewels that enjoy their time, not out of time, but a portrait of the times. Talento Style so trendy that it becomes a new classic.

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