UTOPIA is the fine jewellery brand of Gaia SpA, an Italian company that has been operating internationally for over 70 years, creating and distributing jewellery made with precious stones, diamonds and high quality pearls – in particular South Sea Pearls. Utopia, from the Greek “U” “topos” ,a non-place, represents an ideal, unique philosophical dimension, the result of the best human efforts. Symbolically, it is an island where a perfect existence is possible. These are the cornerstones on which the Utopia project was born. Inventiveness, design and perfection in raw materials come together with outstanding craftsmanship in a superlative expression of the centuriesold Italian goldsmith tradition. It is only in Benvenuto Cellini’s homeland that refined elegance could be merged with sophisticated and exceptional execution.


The Soul of Pearls
“Pearls have a soul, and each one is different. We want this uniqueness to come alive in our collections.” (Anna Gaia, Managing Director, Utopia) UTOPIA reinterprets South Sea and Tahitian pearls, the precious gift of unpolluted Nature, through contemporary Italian design. By merging tradition with avant-garde trends, in particular fashion trends, UTOPIA creates collections of fine jewellery with innovative design and colours. There is a constant challenge to create unique, modern and precious jewellery in line with the times. Dreams that interpret the desires of a contemporary, refined and elegant femininity. “Utopia collections convey to you the same sensations and emotions that we ourselves experience when we first imagine and create them.”


Italian Symphony topia
design is intricately linked with Italian aesthetic intuition, expressed in a refined and elegant style. The exclusive nature of UTOPIA collections stems from clean lines and a strong personality, the work of a team of designers specialized in the goldsmith’s art. The world is a source of inspiration for shapes, colours and sounds. Stealing the show are the most precious raw materials: pearls, precious stones, diamonds and gold. The first collection – Legato – recalls the sinuous criss-crossing of vine branches in the Tuscan countryside. One of the most successful lines, Bolero, was inspired by the freshness of jasmine flowers. TheMelody collection is an abstraction of notes on a musical staff. Eden brings together two natural and mysterious elements, snakes and pearls, to create jewellery that expresses a balance between land and sea. A combination of innovation and high quality make Utopia collections a beacon of Italian fine jewellery.


Every detail counts Quality of the raw materials UTOPIA jewellery is entirely hand made in Italy by master goldsmiths, with precious materials that have been carefully selected by qualified gemmologists. Pearls, sourced from protected cultivation environments, are left intact as Nature made them, without any artificial treatment. Diamonds come from legitimate sources that are not involved in warfare. All items of Utopia jewellery bear the company’s trademark, an identification code, and are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. Precious materials that light up each and every single creation. Quality of design Utopia creations are an exercise in style, designed to communicate emotions. Each piece of jewellery is skilfully brought to life when the desire to experiment with new ideas meets the goldsmith’s art. Quality, innovation, fashion and attention to detail are Utopia’s fundamental ingredients. The simple sophisticated style of Utopia jewellery is the result of Italian creativity, the expression of a harmonious blend of the classical and modern that reflects the beauty of the jewellery and the beauty of the person wearing it.


Masterpieces to wear The exclusive nature of Utopia jewellery is the result of the whole process of its creation, from the designer’s original idea, to its definition and on to the development of the entire collection. Different sources of inspiration, attention to detail and care in the choice of materials, and the hand of an expert goldsmith, make Utopia jewellery a unique expression of precious elegance. Just like the Unique collection – a clever union of Italian craftsmanship and creativity. One-off pieces of great value that are a true pleasure to wear. Each piece of jewellery needs a long creation process: the selection of pearls and precious stones of various shapes and colours, the determination of the most harmonious combination, the simulation and creation of a completely hand-made custom setting. The uniqueness of the pearls and the exclusiveness of the design give Utopia jewellery both charm and an unmistakable identity.


Beyond fashion, towards perfection Utopia jewellery transcends fashion and style and maintains its value in time. The quality of the materials used, the charm of pearls, the accurate and careful manufacture, and the elegant and refined style are universal values that last forever. But it is the unforgettable emotion encapsulated by a piece of jewellery that is the real priceless value. For this reason, a piece of jewellery becomes a precious possession, to be treasured and passed down to future generations. And that is because the value of “our” item of jewellery is unique and unrepeatable.


Guaranteed quality All items of Utopia jewellery are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity that guarantees the natural origin of all the pearls and precious stones used. The certificate includes an identification code, a picture of the item of jewellery, the main characteristics of the gems and other useful handling information. Moreover, Utopia guarantees that the diamonds used in its jewellery come from legitimate sources that are not involved in financing wars, in accordance with United Nations’ resolutions.

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